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Getting saucy, do you see?┬áBecause it’s sauce and also a bit of a naughty title to attract people to read the blog? No? Oh, well you bloody write this stuff. Sheesh.

blend bros

So, yeah, Blend Bros are a new company that make high-protein sauces to add to your food. Kinda like those high-protein milkshakes that healthy people eat, but in a sauce. For on top of your meat or vegetables or mixed in with whatever you’re cooking for tea. I’m not selling it well, am I?


Hi there, it’s me again. I hear you like a bit of the old bacon butty at breakfast time, am I right? Let me guess, you’re a brown saucer? No? A ketchupper then? Yeah, I knew it was one of the other. No other sauce is good for bacon. Or is it?

Well, head across to a Premier Inn within the next six months and you get to try this new PURPLE SAUCE. Yes, you heard me right, Purple Sauce. Sauce that is purple.

No, I’ve not gone mad, it’s purple. Look.


Yeah, I wasn’t fibbing was I? No I wasn’t. Don’t question me again.