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Well, we’re into the second half of my (not daily in the slightest, sorry) A to Z blog thing, and we’ve reached O for Oddbods. I honestly thought I’d have given up by this point, but here we are.

In pondering what I could write on the subject of oddbods, I decided that rather than write about the various weirdos and loonies that I encounter on the interwebs, i’d throw the floor open to them and write something based on their suggestions…

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As part of their Movember campaign, Heck Sausages have renamed themselves as Check Sausages, in an attempt to raise awareness of Testicular Cancer and to raise a few quid for the Movember cause.

In an attempt to do my bit, and while doing the washing up, I made this little video for you to watch. 


Hello you, wok’s going on?

Hahahaha. Sigh…

Here is my review of the Ozeri 12″ Green Wok. I’m sorry for that first line, I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t think my Monday morning coffee has kicked in. So, yeah. Look at this picture while I compose myself.