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Hello. I went to Mars last night and I was disappointed.

Check out the vid below. Woo. Not quite the silly nonsense of The American Dream, but at least it is pretty.

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So NASA has scienced up a new ninth planet to replace Pluto, because they decided Pluto was a bit shit and that. Well, they’ve theorised that a planet is there, they’ve not actually said anything definite, but the media is all excited because a new ninth planet will mean all the pub quiz books from 5 years ago don’t have to be chucked into landfill.


Apparently it is ‘slightly to the left’ of Pluto and is 10 times the size of Earth. Which is nice.
All the newspapers have photos of the new planet too, despite nobody having found it yet, which probably means it has a super injunction like that time that footballer did the dirty with his sister in law or whatever.


Hhhhhhello Therrrrrre….
See? Did you smell that breath? Smelled lovely didn’t it.

Yeah it did. Do you know why?
Oh. You read the title of the blog. Well, smart-arse, you might have all the mad skills of reading things and that, but I am wearing a Spider-Man onesie and reviewing toothpaste and mouthwash on a medium-low popularity blog. So, who’s the real winner? That’s right. You. Dammit.


So, The Breath Co.’s Fresh Breath Toothpaste and Oral Rinse. Invented by Dr Harold Katz as a way to stop his daughter’s breath from smelling (no, seriously, that’s what it says on the box. And the kids say I’m an embarrassing dad. Actually, I just saw the pic of me in the onesie…)

This is a fancy mix of magic stuff that is supposed to make your breath smell lovely and not at all like the four cheese and ham toasties you had for tea. But does it work? (more…)