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A wise man once said “All the good names are taken” (well actually it was a genderless robot in a Transformers comic) and you quite often find movies sharing the same name, yet being completely different in tone, style and story.

So, when you type in a movie’s name into Netflix search or whatever, you might occasionally end up with the wrong movie. So, what happens when you watch the wrong movie? What happens when you type in ‘Frozen’ and instead of a delightful magical family romp with disgustingly catchy songs you end up with some something else? Something… much darker. That’s what I’m here to delve into that murky world of horrible movies that share their name with your kids’ family favourites.

Let’s have a look at Frozen…


Hello everyone, how are you? That’s nice. I could be better, thanks for asking. I ache all over, i have the posture of a He-Man figure and… wait, come back, this will be interesting, I pinky swear.


Let’s start at the beginning, Snozone, the people who do the real snow ski slopes at XScape in Castleford and Milton Keynes held a fancy Sochi inspired event, to inspire future Olympians. In attendance were Ben Kilner, double Winter Olympian; and Katie Summerhayes, winner of the silver medal at the World Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Championships in Kreischberg (turn left at the post office, follow the signs).

I was invited along to report on the event, like a proper respectable lifestyle blogger (no, stop laughing) with the opportunity to interview Ben and the incentive/punishment of a three hour snowboarding lesson, in an effort to make the slopes appeal to newcomers, and to make programs like The Jump, with it’s irritating lummox celebrity goons falling over, a distant memory.