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Hi there everyone,

Just thought I’d let you guys watch a little video all about nutrition, especially for kids during the first 1000 days of their life (That’s about 2 years and 9 months, in case you didn’t just use a calculator like I just did). It’s packed with useful info about childhood obesity, swapping out sugar, what you should eat when you’re pregnant or breast feeding. It’s all very informative and well presented. You can tell I didn’t make it.


This isn’t the video, stop clicking on it. The video is at the bottom of all this well-crafted hilarious blog writing.

Obviously this interests me a fair deal, because I have one of those babies that happen currently asleep upstairs, waiting until I am at my most asleep and comfortable before kicking off asking for milk. I mean, I’m trying to get the other two kids to eat more healthy too, but if I make a fuss about that and they rebel, we’re gonna have riots in the streets, vampire/werewolf marriages, sequels to Mary Poppins, basically Armageddon in a handbag. (more…)

So, you know me well enough to know I rarely eat anything healthy. If a food doesn’t have bacon in it then I tend to consign it to the back of the fridge, whenceforth it shall be expected to grow legs and attempt world domination using some sort of pseudo-science the likes of which would make Stan Lee say “That’s just bleedin’ ridiculous, by ‘eck.” (In my head, Stan Lee is from Barnsley)

crushed 1Crushed 2Crushed 3
Well, here I am eating actual fruit. And not that fruit that is fruit-shaped and that you need to use your teeth and that to eat, no this is a yummy fruit snack that’s been squished up and put in a pouch for you to eat with the minimum of effort. Yeah, it’s lazy food and it’s good for you, it’s a CRUSHED FAST FRUIT SNACK and it’s yummy like an angel French kissing you after eating a cake.