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Brexit. Trump. The latest episode of Sherlock being a pile of arse. The online community is certainly more divisive than ever, with polarised views spouting hatred from both sides.

Can any topic be safe from people getting furiously cross and caps lock stabby? Is any subject safe enough that you don’t need to have a safe-space? Can you talk about something without a person getting triggered? Can you like something controversial without being called a Nazi?


Good morning all,

Continuing to seize the morning with‘s #earlybirdchallenge, though  I have to admit that I cheated a little and pressed the snooze button once today. I do have excuses though, and I even have someone to blame, but let’s not go into such things.

Ok, it was Gem’s fault, because she decided to wake up at 3am and be some kind of crazy talkative person, but with an upset tummy.

Oh, that and I got cramp in my leg at half five. So there you go. (more…)