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Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything much here and I have no excuses other than laziness and a loss of creative mojo.

This picture is mostly unrelated to the contents of this post, but I can’t be bothered drawing up a different thumbnail. Also, this’ll have the women-of-a-certain-age clicking to see if I’m really wearing a tutu.

So, what have I been up to?


Hey peeps, something bad happened.

I arranged to be sent Weekend Box’s new mini-weekend box featuring Snazaroo face paints so I could review it, and… well…

So, basically what was sent was a small face painting kit, along with a bunch of small activities and such (y’know, for kids), and since it was addressed to Meg (7), and I hadn’t warned Gem beforehand it was coming… Meg got there first.


Now I don’t know exactly what happened, all I know is that when I arrived home, Gem wasn’t best pleased, the kids were in towels after baths and very little remained of the expected activity kit. (more…)

Review – Weekend Box

Posted: Jan 31, 2015 in Review, Review
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So, it’s the weekend again, the kids are full of energy from their Coco Pops Porridge, and the missus has buggered off to work with strict instructions that nobody is allowed to play on their phones or the playstation because there was a thing on the radio saying that kids spend too much time looking at screens and it’s going to turn them into robots or something.

So, you’re left with two kids, bouncing on your neck, nagging that they’re hungry or they’re bored or whatever else they say after they stamp on your jugular vein and you lose consciousness. What do you do? What sort of thing could they possibly need to keep them entertained…?
Weekend Box Club

You get them a WEEKEND BOX from!!!!!!!!!!!! (more…)