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There’s a brand new movie of Roald Dahl’s The BFG out, and I’ve been asked to review the new movie tie-in edition of the book, packed with bonus activities and such.

Invited Jess to help me review, because I thought she could do with a break from her busy schedule of doing whatever it is 11 year-olds do, watching Miranda Sings on YouTube or not tidying up.


So, it seems that despite the curmudgeonly efforts of my generation, mobile phone games continue to be more than just Snake II, getting more advanced and fun with every passing day. The latest offering in the endless stream of games that my six-year old daughter, Megan will play at full volume next to my sleeping face at 5:30AM is Cooking Fever, a restaurant simulation game, that requires good time management and the ability not to get stressed.

So, who better to ask to review this game than Megan, on day release from her work down t’pit. (this is Yorkshire, after all)…

cookingfever (more…)

Those lovely people over at Nutri-Plan have said I can run a giveaway for some of their fancy Tea-Tox detox teabags. Yay!
Now, normally I’d have a bit of fun and make you do some colouring in or whatever but 1. My last competition got 4 entries and the winner was in a foreign country and didn’t want the prize and 2. I’m really bloody tired.


Win 2 weeks worth of this stuff!

So, I’m experimenting with that there Rafflecopter thing, with all it’s boxes to fill in and that. Please let me know if you like this sort of thing, because I honestly think it makes me into a bit of a whore.

The prize? A fortnight’s worth of Tea-Tox teabags!
The people who want to give you this prize? Those lovely people at Nutriplan!

CLICK HERE TO ENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’d do the fancy embedding thing but WordPress is either being deliberately faffy with HTML or I’m rubbish. I’m rubbish.

Good luck!

Hey peeps, do you like beer? Do you like Tequila? Do you like Tequila beer? Then you’ve probably already heard of Desperados, the tequila flavoured beer that makes my missus turn into a giggling mess halfway up the stairs. Well, the lovely folk at Desperados, along with UKF are launching CityHack, a competition opportunity for DJs, artists, promoters, designers and general creative folk, giving YOU the opportunity to throw massive, unique parties in one of three UK cities.

Here’s a video about it, watch that…

A very short post, offering you a sneaky peek at the new book from Rick Riordan.


Blood of Olympus

In what could beĀ Percy Jackson’s Final Battle, Rick Riordan’s series of demi-god adventures reaches a climax as a handful of young heroes face off againstĀ Gaea’s army of powerful giants. The Gods are useless, still suffering from multiple personality disorder, and the odds are grim. Is there any option but to head into Athens and face certain doom?

Catch the trailer here…

Released on 7th October 2014, you can pre-order it now from AMAZON.

Or! Even! Better! You can enter this competition to win a copy for free! Oooh!
Tis only a quick 24 hour competition though, so get a move on. Ends at 11:59 on 2nd October 2014. Or maybe ten minutes after that if I lose track of the time. One entry per person, my decision is final, etc.

So, answer the incredibly difficult question, bob your address and such down too (I pinky swear I won’t share it with anyone, it just means if you win you’ll get your book so much quicker), and good luck.

Who is the lead character in this series of books?
A – Simon LeBon
B – Mr Tigglewinkle’s Butler
C – Percy Jackson

It’s all so exciting! ooh!